Pre-registration procedure, Follow step-by-step to pre-register your Campers

Step 1: – On this page, registration-procedure, click on “REGISTER ONLINE” to go to access the login page for your pre-registration (or visit: Register Online directly to pre-register your rangers).

Step 2: – When the Campogar web app opens, put in your username & password.

Note: If you don’t have/have forgotten your username & password, please send the following details to 0558281157 to receive your username & password:

  • Outpost Name,
  • Outpost Commander’s name
  • Outpost Commander’s mobile number
  • Outpost Commander’s email
  • District name

Step 3: – The first screen is your Dashboard, this summarizes all your data on your outpost. It shows:

  • The Total number of Rangers in your outpost
  • The Total number of Campers you’ve pre-registered to attend Southern Sector Camp 2019
  • The Available balance in your account to be used for pre-registration of your rangers

Step 4: – The Rangers Tab shows all the Rangers in your outpost. Their names, phone numbers, Date of Birth and Gender.

Step 5: – Adding New Rangers to your outpost database; Type in their:

  • Surname,
  • Other names,
  • Phone number,
  • Select the Date of Birth and
  • Choose their Gender.

Step 6: – Remember to Save the record when you are done

Step 7: – The Topups Tab shows all your transactions made; Deposits & pre-registrations made in your outpost. The date and amounts paid are showed along with your available balance (top-right corner) as well.
The Transactions page shows your transactions with the system.

Step 8: –Making top-up to your account via any mobile money network. Click on the Make Topup button on the top-left corner of your screen.

Step 9: – In the Make Topup form, you need to kindly read and follow the instructions on the left of your screen:

  • Your mobile money number,
  • The name on your mobile money wallet,
  • Choose the network of your mobile money,
  • Input the amount you want to top-up your account with
  • Then click on the Make Request button to make your request.

Step 10: – You can use whichever network you’re comfortable with. Please note: that Vodafone cash users will be required to include the code sent to them from Vodafone.

Step 11: – Click on the Make Request button when you have put in all relevant information, an authorization message will be sent to your phone for you to authorize the transaction. After you authorize the transaction, your Dashboard will be credited with the amount you loaded

Step 12: – If your money is not reflected in your Available Balance on your dashboard, please wait 24 hours before reporting to 0558281157. When your money reflects on your dashboard, you can go ahead to pre-register your campers.

Step 13: – The Campers Tab shows all the Rangers you’ve Pre-registered to attend Southern Sector Camp 2019 in your outpost. Their names, rank/group, date of registration, the amount paid, the balance left to pay, discount available (due to time of pre-registration) and Status of their registration (part-payment, full payment or cancelled).

Step 14: – To pre-register a camper in your outpost you need to Click on the Add Camper button.

Step 15: – In the Campers form, choose a camper from your list of rangers and add the amount for pre-registration to the name.

Step 16: – To pre-register a ranger in your outpost. Choose a camper from your list of rangers in the outpost

Step 17: – Input the amount for pre-registration and save the form.

Step 18: – The name of the ranger appears in the Campers tab with status showing part-payment

“For any further information or clarification, contact the GAR Royal Rangers Regional Administrative line at 055 828 1157